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Bakuretsu Tenshi


Alternative title(s): Burst Angel
Released in: 2004
Genre(s): Action, Adventure, Comedy, Sci-fi
Status: Completed

This is an anime about a mercenary group of cute girls which consists of a charismatic leader, an expert sharpshooter, an IT genius, and the cutest but the most lousy girl in the group. The one and only male in the group is their cooking specialist.

In the near future, due to an unusual rise in criminal activity, it has become legal to possess firearms in Japan so lawful citizens can protect themselves. At the same time, the government established the Recently Armed Police Taskforce, whose methods are exterminating criminals rather than arresting them.

The story opens with Kyohei Tachibana, a student at a culinary arts school with dreams of someday becoming a patissier, motorcycling down an inner city street and becoming caught up in a shoot-out between a mysterious silver-haired woman and a psycho gangster. Kyohei escapes unharmed and ends up working as a cook for Jo, Meg, Amy, and Sei in an effort to gather up enough money to travel to France. The girls, ranging in ages of eleven to nineteen, turn out to be pseudo-mercenary agents for a larger international group known as Bai Lan.

Burst Angel focuses on the group as they investigate a series of mutated human monsters with odd glowing brains that cause various amounts of mayhem in Tokyo.