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Irresponsible Captain Tylor


Alternative title(s): Musekinin Kanchou Tylor, Tylor - The Irresponsible Captain, ?????????
Released in: 1993
Genre(s): Adventure, Comedy, Military, Sci-fi, Space
Status: Completed

In a distant, highly technological future, Tylor, the title character, is a mysterious young man without a real purpose in life, a state of mind that is very hard to determine, and a knack for accidentally getting out of near-death situations with a childishly cavalier attitude. He sometimes does not even seem to realize when he is in danger, which is actually an asset to him on many occasions.

Tylor stumbles his way into the space navy, and soon gains command of a destroyer, to the astonishment of his lieutenant, Yamamoto. It turns out, much to Yamamoto's dismay, that this ship is considered the dumping grounds of the military, and contains all the sorts of characters that should probably not even be let near a paintball gun, let alone a spaceship. However, thanks to Tylor's eccentric leadership, these misfits eventually become the collective saviors of humanity. [Wikipedia]