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Great Mazinger


Alternative title(s): ?????????
Released in: 1974
Genre(s): Action, Mecha
Status: Completed

After the Dr Hell's defeat, the life on the Earth is threaten by the General Dark and his seven Generals at head of the monsters of Micainat, an ancient people, which survives underground thanks to the union of organic systems and mechanical bodies. by preventing the conquest whishes of these monsters there is the Great Mazinger, the powerful robot constructed by Dr Kenzo Kabuto, son of the same inventor of the Super alloy Z and creator of Mazinger Z. The Great Mazinger is piloted by Tetzuya Tsurugi, an orphan raised by the same Dr Kabuto, and trained until his birth to fight aboard of the robot. The war against the Emperor of the Darkness is very hard and it seems to be never ending. [AniDB]