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Read or Die OVA


Alternative title(s): R.O.D - Read or Die, R.O.D ?????????
Released in: 2001
Genre(s): Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Historical, Magic, Mystery, Sci-fi
Status: Completed

Yomiko Readman is your normal eccentric bookworm- except for the fact she is a member of the British Library Special Opps division; which has the sole purpose of retrieving lost books of great value. She teams up with Drake, a miltary fighter, and Miss Deep, who possesses the power to phase right through solid objects.They are called together for duty by the order of their commander, Joker, when some very powerful minds in history are revived,and they are in search of two special volumes of books containing a powerful secret. Can Yomiko and her partners save the world from a mysterious organization of powerful historical minds of the past?