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Full Metal Panic: Second Raid


Alternative title(s): Стальная паника! Второй рейд , フルメタル パニック!The Second Raid
Released in: 2005
Genre(s): Action, Drama, Romance, Slice of Life
Status: Completed

Afteer the events of the season one , Sasuke Sagara and Chidori Kaname hopes that the rest of the school days will be peacefull. But the suddern development of new enermies and some events leads to the un espected forcing Sergent Sagara to resign and join in to other mission of Mythril. Will he able to do it and also master the lambda driver to perfection....... Will Kaname be safe without him ......... and what will Tessa do about this .......... and what is this dark shadow that slowly reaches towards kaname .......... Will Sasuke ever meet Chidori again .........

only way to know is to follow the sweason 2 of FMP :)
~ ukp ~