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Fate stay night: Unlimited Blade Works


Alternative title(s): Gekijouban Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works, Fate/stay night Movie, Fate/stay night UBW, ??? Fate/stay night: UNLIMITED BLADE WORKS
Released in: 2010
Genre(s): Action, Fantasy, Magic, Romance, Supernatural
Status: Completed

A secret war shrouds the world at night and many participants of this evil event are forced to fight or become massacred in the struggle for the Holy Grail. One day, a normal individual witnessed a fragment of this war and was at risk of disposal, yet was saved by a participant of this war, Rin, where he will return the same favor of safety to his savior, Rin. In a surprising notion, this very ordinary individual proved to be not so ordinary after-all and exhibited a belief that he, Shiro Emiya, must conquer in order to make his foundations concrete and a battle with his soul to finally overcome a deeper faith within.