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Neon Genesis Evangelion


Alternative title(s): Evangelion
Released in: 1995
Genre(s): Action, Drama, Mecha, Psychological, Sci-fi
Status: Completed

God came in contact with the earth for a second time. The First Contact. It decimated Antarctica, the oceans flowing with blood and debris ever since. Misato, a young girl at the time was the only survivor. Since then an organization has risen to protect us from an angel\'s contact: Nerv. Angels were supposed to be the dead souls of man, but we were wrong dead wrong. They do not live in a realm of harmony and eternal bliss. They exist in our realm, for the purpose of annihlating humanity. Evas, giant, living mechs, were designed to counter and kill these monstrosities. However, they are wild and untamed and in order for them to function properly, a pilot with the correct mental attributes must be found. Thus enters the Children: (in order) Rei, Asuke, and Shinji. The pilots of Evas Type 0, 1, and 2. Nerv is a global organization and almost every other branch has failed thus far...Japan\'s third branch is their main stronghold. Misato becomes Asuke and Shinji\'s foster mother, although their real parents are still alive, for the simple sake that she is to be the new leader of Nerv\'s mobile defense unit, responsible in the caretaking and mobilization of the Evas. All must face battles not only with the Angels, whose second contact with the first angel (Adam) will destroy the entire world, but also themselves. It\'s a long, rocky road to success...filled with pain....blood and pain.