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Ikkitousen: Xtreme Xecutor


Alternative title(s): Ikkitousen XX, Ikki Tousen Extreme Executor, ???? Xtreme Xecutor
Released in: 2010
Genre(s): Action, Ecchi, Martial Arts
Status: Completed

* The fourth television series based on Shiozaki Yuuji's Ikkitousen manga.

Nanyou Academy, led by Sonsaku Hakufu, allied with Ryuubi Gentoku's Seito High School, have together won a resounding victory over Sousou Moutoku's Kyoushou Academy at the Battle of Chibi. However, there is no rest for the weary as a figure stirs from within the site of the battle...

At the same time, another figure stands before the gates of Kyoushou. Upon closer inspection, it turns out to be a high school girl with a ponytail, wearing a jersey and toting a rucksack. She smashes aside all Kyoushou fighters who try to stop her. Occupying the academy's P.A. room, she issues her challenge: "I am Ryoushuu's Bachou Mouki! Fight me, Sousou Moutoku!"

The peace won at Chibi is short-lived. Despite the recent setback, Sousou Moutoku is fast recuperating his power. In addition, a new faction arises in the form of Nanban High School.