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Bleach Memories in the Rain


Alternative title(s): Bleach Memories in the Rain OVA 1
Released in: 2005
Genre(s): Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Supernatural
Status: Completed

The OVA starts out with Ichigo fighting the Grand Fisher hollow and then cuts back to when Ichigo was a kid. He sees another kid about to jump into the river bank and tries to save her. His mother was screaming out for Ichigo and the scene jumps into the day before at school. Orihime wonders why Ichigo was so tense. Tatsuki tells her that she needs to tell him something important; she needs to do it at the end of the day. Ichigo and his family were heading to his mother's grave when they met up with Rukia. Meanwhile, Tatsuki tells the story of how she met Ichigo to Orihime which was a martial arts class. Rukia and Ichigo talked alone about his mother's death. Rukia brought up the idea that Ichigo's mother was killed by a Hollow by accident. Ichigo yell at her for mentioning the thought and runs off. Tatsuki told Orihime that after Ichigo's mother died, Ichigo walk back and forth around the river bank trying to search for her. Ichigo blame himself for his mother death and suddenly sees his mother from a distance. The rest of Ichigo's family was tending to her mother's grave with Rukia watching them from a distance when Rukia's hollow detector rang.