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Nakoruru - Ano Hito kara no Okurimono


Alternative title(s):
Released in: 2002
Genre(s): Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Supernatural
Status: Completed

Nakoruru, finally returned to her home Kamuikotan after a long, fierce battle, receives a warm welcome from dear friends and the village children. Her spirit is uplifted by her reunion with companions Manari and Yantamuu. But as the trauma of battle falls away, Rela appears and challenges Nakoruru and the shadow of misfortune creeps closer...Nakoruru is a popular Ainu girl from SNK's Samurai Spirits fighting game (PC and Dreamcast), now she has her very own OVA series

Note: Originally intended to be a full 13 episode OVA series, this was cut down to 2 episodes due to limited funding. After the 1st episode was released however, the production of 2nd episode was cancelled, leaving this with only one episode.