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Junjou Romantica 2


Alternative title(s): Junjo Romantica Second Season, Junj? Romantica 2, Junjyou Romantica II, ???????2(?)
Released in: 2008
Genre(s): Comedy, Drama, Romance, Shounen Ai
Status: Completed

With the return of love, drama, and pure-hearted romance, we return to the troubled couples, focusing on the parallels between each of their relationships. Misaki Takahashi thought that Haruhiko Usami was a handful, until a new love interest appears. This causes their relationship to once again head downhill, each hoping to find a way to reconcile in the end. For the other couples, episodes focus on Hiroki's problems with his pride, Shinobu's age difference from his lover, Nowaki's patience and love, Miyagi's past and present love, plus Usagi-san and his family issues. This all adds up to each of the couples having a lot of problems to overcome in their pure-hearted, forbidden love lives. [AniDB]