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Wolfs Rain


Alternative title(s): ???????
Released in: 2003
Genre(s): Adventure, Drama, Sci-fi, Supernatural
Status: Completed

A grimm fairy tale updated for the new century...this tale deals with a world where wolves walk among men in their guise. The story focuses around two main aspects that later collide, a special young girl and how she fits between two opposing and very powerful forces, and the group of wolves who disguise themselves as humans to get by in the world. There are lots of themes throughout this series and its one of the best ever drawn. The music is excellent and the pacing is definitely better than even typically good anime offerings. The real magic here is in the characters. You'll know all of the main characters names fairly quickly and thats because the writers have really crafted something that makes you care. I won't devulge too much about the plot..but I will say this..Wolf's Rain may be only 30 or so episodes but its as epic, daring, and original in its delivery as any anime has ever dared to dream of.