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Girls Bravo First Season


Alternative title(s): GIRLS????
Released in: 2004
Genre(s): Comedy, Drama, Ecchi, Fantasy
Status: Completed

Sasaki Yukinari is a guy who has been exploited and abused by girls his entire life, right up to the point where he now gets hives when touching them. One day, after being exploited by the girls at school into doing all their chores, he returns home. There, he gets beat up to within an inch of his life by Kojima Kirie, for having the audacity to just waltz into HIS OWN HOME and go straight into HIS OWN BATHROOM. So, she takes a running start and knees the guy so hard in the face, he flies through the air and lands in the bathtub. And as she was about to inflict more damage on him, Yukinari gets transported to Seiren, a world that consists of 90% women who go completely insane at even such a beat-down loser as him. There, he meets Miharu, who is to become the only female character that doesn't ever beat him up or cause him to break out in hives. For Sasaki it may seem like a positive change but what he doesn't know is that he's in for a whoe host of incidents involving random acts of nudity, sexual assault, violence and of course healthy doses of fan service.