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Nurse Witch Komugi Magikarte


Alternative title(s): Nurse Witch Komugi-chan Magikarte, ?????????????????
Released in: 2002
Genre(s): Comedy, Magic, Shounen
Status: Completed

Komugi, the popular nurse from Soul Taker is back, this time she plays the leading role on her own anime. Only this time, it's a magical girl comedy anime.

The story started when a destructive virus, ANGU (literally means retarded), from another dimension escaped and headed toward earth. The troubled goddess ordered Mugimaru, an apprentice of animal protector, to go and capture the virus.

One day, on earth, Nakahara Komugi is working as a newcomer costume play idol at Ikebukuro event. Suddenly, Mugimaru who is hurt from the virus attack, fall down near Nakahara. Nakahara (who is in nurse costume) then tends his wound. Mugimaru is touched and impressed by Nakahara who tends his wounds, so he decides to give her a magic baton and explains his mission to her.