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Get Backers


Alternative title(s): Getbackers -Dakkanya-
Released in: 2002
Genre(s): Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Mystery, Supernatural
Status: Completed

Ban and Genji are \"The Get Backers\", a recovery service with a near 100% success rate. From stolen packages, to missing people, there is nothing they can\'t find.

Unfortunately, there isn\'t much need for a recovery service, never mind that both were former gang leaders. Genji used to be known as \"The Lightning Emperor\", because of his ability to generate electricity from his body. Ban is well known for his \"Jagan\", a mystical ability that puts people in a waking dream. Try as they might, neither one can escape their past.

When the beautiful Hven hires them to recover a stolen box for a high ranking government official, they quickly learn it\'s not going to be a simple job. The Transporter Service they must go up against consists of the notorious Himiko, lady of poisons, and the cruel, surgical blade wielding Doctor Jackal.

If the two of them fail, it isn\'t their reputation that they\'ll loose, it\'s their lives!