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Aries, an old tourist space station outside Earth's orbit doubles as a preparatory training facility for the Central Military Academy students, the temporary home of Aizawa Ryota, a third year, and his classmates, including his love interest, Nagase Sayaka, his unacknowledged rival, Nittak Kazuhiko, and the proclaimed genius Aizawa Shuhei, his older brother.The space station is attacked by the terrorist group, Hallarax, and after helping in the evacuation of the majority of the civilians and staff, Ryota, his friends, and a handful of others are left to battle for control of the space station as Hallarax threatens Earth with nuclear retribution.Holed up in a separate section of the station, the group holds their own against the terrorists until the emergence of a third enemy, wrought with treachery and greed, creates unlikely bonds of camaraderie in the struggle to protect themselves, each other, and ultimately, Earth. ( Characters
Aizawa Ryota A third year cadet with a timid and kind personality. Unlike his older brother, Shuhei, Ryota does not excel in a single subject, but is only slightly above average in most of his skills. One trait that is above others is his leadership skills * Voiced by: Hideki Ogihara Sayaka Nagase  Childhood friend of Ryota Aizawa. * Voiced by: Yuki Masuda Aizawa Shuhei Ryota Aizawa's older brother. Shuhei is a brilliant and talented soldier who skipped two grades in the Academy. He is well renowned and surpasses most soldiers in combat. He is later revealed to possess perfect Sukyura cells, which enhances his healing capabilities. Although, unlike others who possess these cells, Shuhei does not turn into a mindless soldier.  * Voiced by: Kentaro Ito Morisaki Nao Girlfriend of Shuhei Aizawa. A passionate and kind personality. She is a medical student in the Academy. * Voiced by: Kumi Sakuma Nitta Aki Younger sister of Kazuhiko Nitta. An even better computer hacker. She does not have a stable relationship with her older brother, as the two would always argue when they see each other. Although, when they were younger, it seems that she used to look up to Kazuhiko until she realized that her brother was not serious in anything back then. In the end, she and her brother get along, and she once again looks up to him. * Voiced by: Marina Ono Yuu Yamanami A passenger on the Aries Station. Quiet and mysterious. She was revealed to be a mercenary she seems to have a relation with shin when she was younger . * Voiced by: Junko Shimakata Cellaria Markelight Instructor on the Aries Station. Appears to be very caring towards her students. She is considered to be the perfect Sukyura being and controls those who possess the Sukyura cells. She becomes intrigued with Shuhei since he is the only one that she cannot fully control. * Voiced by: Chiharu Tezuka Inatsuki Nanami A strange and young girl found on the Aries Station. She is later found out to be a creation of Sukyura cells and human cells; basically a result of when Shuhei and Nao consummated their relationship (In a way, she is their "child"). She calls Shuhei, her 'father', and Nao, her 'mother'.  * Voiced by: Natsumi Yanase Soul Link 1 Soul Link 2 Soul Link 3 Soul Link 4 Soul Link 5 Soul Link 6 Soul Link 7 Soul Link 8 Soul Link 9 Soul Link 10 Soul Link 11 Soul Link 12 Soul Link SP 10.5 
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