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A story about a miracle, involving Fumika, a quiet but hard working girl who wears a uniform of a mail carrier, and her talkative staff and partner Kanaka. Their job is to deliver "death letters". These letters are written by people after they die and are delivered to the person the letter is addressed to in the living world. The letters contain things that the now-deceased could not say while they were alive Characters
Fumika Mikawa She appears to be a young girl, though her real age is never mentioned. She works as a mail carrier from the afterlife realm of Shigo. These shigofumi are letters written by those who have recently died, and it is Fumika's job to deliver the letters to whoever the dead wanted them to go to. Chiaki Chiaki is Fumika's coworker. Chiaki died due to a car accident and thus retains the appearance of how she looked before she died. Believed to have been eighteen when she died, she is "over twenty-one-years-old" as she says, however she looks roughly as old as Fumika is.Chiaki has a bright personality and likes to express her emotions outwardly, whether they be related to frustration, or happiness. Kanaka The artificial intelligence staff that Fumika carries. The function of the staff is meant to aid the shigofumi mail carrier by keeping track of senders, receivers, the delivery area, and supplementing other usual tasks. Kanaka has a female voice and a loud, boisterous personality which directly contrasts Fumika's otherwise placid disposition. Shigofumi 1 Shigofumi 2 Shigofumi 3 Shigofumi 4 Shigofumi 5 Shigofumi 6 Shigofumi 7 Shigofumi 8 Shigofumi 9 Shigofumi 10 Shigofumi 11 Shigofumi 12 Shigofumi 13
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