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Please Teacher! is a story mainly revolving around a tight-knit group of friends in high school and how they cope with several life-changing events that are never too far off from intimate relationships. The main character is a boy named Kei Kusanagi who suffers from a very rare disease which causes a comatose state referred to as a "standstill" whenever he is under severe emotional distress. Before the beginning of the story, Kei, at 15 years old, had fallen into a "standstill" lasting three years after witnessing the suicide of his elder sister. After recovering, he quietly moved away from home in order to avoid social difficulty due to his long absence, and began living with his uncle, a medical doctor, and aunt. Due to the strange nature of how he came to live there, Kei wanted to keep the situation a secret from his new friends for fear of being ostracized as being too old to associate with them. Characters
Kei Kusanagi The story revolve around him. He is 18 years old but look like 15 due to his 3 years of "standstill". Its a condition just like coma. Mizuho Kazami A half human and half alien comes to Earth to study human's life. She becomes a teacher at Kei's school and they fell in love after exchanging their past secrets. Koishi Herikawa She is Kei's closest friend who try to express her love and romantic relationship to him. However, at the end she realized that she is more suitable for an older teacher in the school. Matagu Shido One of Kei classmate. He is a nerd and very into astronomy and hope that one day he will meet a true alien life form. Yet, he never realize that his teacher is an alien from outerspace. Ichigo Morino A friend of Kei that suffers from the same "standstill" condition. Her actual age is 21 but she looks like 15 or probably younger. Kaede Misumi A tall Japanese girl. she is a very shy girl but at the end she managed to find a boy and confessed her love for him. Hyosuke Magumo Most hyperactive character in the whole story. However, Kaede thinks Hyosuke is a sweet and gentleman type of person after they are in a romance relationship. Please Teacher 1 Please Teacher 2 Please Teacher 3 Please Teacher 4 Please Teacher 5 Please Teacher 6 Please Teacher 7 Please Teacher 8 Please Teacher 9 Please Teacher 10 Please Teacher 11 Please Teacher 12 Please Teacher 13
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Updated: May 13, 2009
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