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Astro Boy (2003) Download Episode

Plot Summary: Astro is a robotic boy that posesses super human powers and an artificial intelligence system that is unparalleled to any robot. His creator, Dr. Tenma, created him to replace his late son, Tovio. Dr. Tenma soon destroys his laboratory, after the creation of Astro, and shuts down Astro. Soon after, Dr. O'Shay, the head of the Ministry of Science revives Astro, and tries to give him a normal life as a 6th grade student that helps the police agency keep renegade robots and bigot humans from causing harm. Astro faces extreme racism for being a robot, and he must discover the truth about his creator Dr. Tenma.Episode 1: Power Up! Episode 2: Rocket Ball Episode 3: Atom in space Episode 4: Thunderbolt Episode 5: Save the Roboter Farm! Episode 6: Atlas Birth Episode 7: Atom VS Atlas Episode 8: Neon Express Episode 9: Franken Episode 10: Venus Robots Episode 11: Reviving Jumbo Episode 12: Robot Hunters Episode 13: The Rise of Pluto Episode 14: Mikuro's Adventure Episode 15: Population's intelligence protection! Episode 16: Dark Robot Hunter Episode 17: Deep City Episode 18: The Blue Knight Episode 19: Hydra-Jacked Episode 20: Geo Raider Episode 21: Secret of the Blue Knight Episode 22: Goodbye Princess Episode 23: Little Sister, Big Trouble Episode 24: Bea-chan Episode 25: Only a Machine Episode 26: Robot Boy Episode 27: Dawn of the Techno-Revolution Episode 28; The Legend of Tohron Episode 29: March of the Micro Bears Episode 30: Old Dog, New Tricks Episode 31: The Case of the Phantom Fowl Episode 32: Gideon Episode 33: Fairy Tale Episode 34: Shape Shifter Episode 35: Phoenix Episode 36: Space Academy Episode 37: Atlas Strikes Back Episode 38: Battle-Bot Episode 39: Time Hunters Episode 40: Escape from Volcano Island Episode 41: Avalanche Episode 42: Battle of Steel Island Episode 43: Undercover Episode 44: Into the Dragon's Lair Episode 45: Night Before the Revolution Episode 46: Robotonia Episode 47: Showdown in Robotonia Episode 48: Journey to Tomorrow Episode 49: Astro Reborn Episode 50: The Final Battle
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Updated: June 15, 2009
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